Using Math Object

JavaScript has a built-in Math object that provides common mathematical operations, such as abs, sin, cos, random, pow, sqr, etc. CLEO Redux extends this object to include extra operations supported by the game. The interface of Math looks as follows:

interface Math {
    // native code
    readonly E: number;
    readonly LN10: number;
    readonly LN2: number;
    readonly LOG2E: number;
    readonly LOG10E: number;
    readonly PI: number;
    readonly SQRT1_2: number;
    readonly SQRT2: number;
    abs(x: number): number;
    acos(x: number): number;
    asin(x: number): number;
    atan(x: number): number;
    atan2(y: number, x: number): number;
    ceil(x: number): number;
    cos(x: number): number;
    exp(x: number): number;
    floor(x: number): number;
    log(x: number): number;
    max(...values: number[]): number;
    min(...values: number[]): number;
    pow(x: number, y: number): number;
    random(): number;
    round(x: number): number;
    sin(x: number): number;
    sqrt(x: number): number;
    tan(x: number): number;
    clz32(x: number): number;
    imul(x: number, y: number): number;
    sign(x: number): number;
    log10(x: number): number;
    log2(x: number): number;
    log1p(x: number): number;
    expm1(x: number): number;
    cosh(x: number): number;
    sinh(x: number): number;
    tanh(x: number): number;
    acosh(x: number): number;
    asinh(x: number): number;
    atanh(x: number): number;
    hypot(...values: number[]): number;
    trunc(x: number): number;
    fround(x: number): number;
    cbrt(x: number): number;

    // GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA SA commands
    ConvertMetersToFeet(meters: int): int;
    RandomFloatInRange(min: float, max: float): float;
    RandomIntInRange(min: int, max: int): int;

    // GTA Vice City, GTA SA commands
    GetDistanceBetweenCoords2D(fromX: float, fromY: float, toX: float, toZ: float): float;
    GetDistanceBetweenCoords3D(fromX: float, fromY: float, fromZ: float, toX: float, toY: float, toZ: float): float;

    // GTA SA commands
    GetAngleBetween2DVectors(xVector1: float, yVector1: float, xVector2: float, yVector2: float): float;
    GetHeadingFromVector2D(_p1: float, _p2: float): float;
    LimitAngle(value: float): float;

The first group includes the native constants and methods provided by the JavaScript runtime. They start with a lowercase letter, e.g. Math.abs. You can find the detailed documentation for these methods here.

Then the game-specific commands follow. According to the naming convention, each method that is bound to a script opcode starts with a capital letter, e.g. Math.RandomIntInRange (opcode 0209). You can find the documentation in Sanny Builder Library.

    var x = Math.abs(-1); // x = 1
    var f = Math.ConvertMetersToFeet(10) // f = 32
    var pi = Math.floor(Math.PI) // pi = 3

Native Math methods were given a higher priority over the game commands with the same functionality. For example, to calculate an absolute value of the number, there is Math.abs, not Math.Abs.