CLEO logs important events and errors immediately as they occur in the cleo_redux.log file located in the game directory.

If CLEO fails to create new files in the game directory due to the lack of write permissions, it fallbacks to using alternate path at C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\CLEO Redux. cleo_redux.log and the CLEO directory can be found there.

The log file gets overwritten on each game run. If you experience any issue when using CLEO Redux, start investigating the root cause from this file.

To stream events in your terminal while testing a script, run:

tail -f cleo_redux.log

tail is a unix command so a compatible environment is needed (for example Git Bash).

The log file also lists all executed opcodes with LogOpcodes=1 and JavaScript commands with CLEO.debug.trace(true).