Other Features

CLEO Redux puts focus on improving dev experience and make scripting process easier.

Integration with Visual Studio Code

VS Code has excellent JavaScript support out of the box and is highly customizable. CLEO Redux generates typings for all supported commands that you can use when writing JavaScript in VS Code. Add the following line in your *.js script to get the full autocomplete support:

For GTA III or re3:

/// <reference path="./.config/gta3.d.ts" />

For Vice City or reVC

/// <reference path="./.config/vc.d.ts" />

For San Andreas

/// <reference path="./.config/sa.d.ts" />

For Unknown host

/// <reference path="./.config/unknown.d.ts" />

This line instructs VS Code where to look for the commands definitions for the autocomplete feature. The path can be relative to the script file or be absolute. Examples above assume JS files are located in the CLEO directory. Find out more information on the official TypeScript portal.

This line is not needed for TS scripts as VS Code automatically imports *.d.ts files with the help of tsconfig.json file in the CLEO directory.


CLEO Redux has built-in support for basic tracing of SCM instructions. To trace opcodes in all running CS scripts open up cleo.ini and change LogOpcodes to 1. Note that it can greatly impact game performance due to frequent microdelays during writes to the log file. Use this option only for debugging purposes.

In JavaScript code use CLEO.debug.trace(true) to trace all commands. Use CLEO.debug.trace(false) to turn it off.

Hot Reload

CLEO monitors active scripts and reloads them in game as they change

Adding a new script file in the CLEO directory or deleting one while the game is running starts or stops the script automatically

Hot reload for CS scripts does not work when CLEO Redux runs alongside CLEO Library (e.g. in classic San Andreas).

Frontend plugin displays some extra information such as the CLEO version and the amount of active scripts in the main menu of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. It also checks for available updates. If this information is not needed, delete Frontend.cleo file from the CLEO plugins directory.