CLEO Redux comes with a hassle-free installer that identifies the selected game and downloads all the dependencies. Just run cleo_redux_setup.exe and follow its steps.

Both CLEO Redux and its installer recognize the target game purely by the executable name in the selected/working directory.

  • GTA III - gta3.exe
  • GTA VC - gta-vc.exe
  • GTA SA - gta_sa.exe, gta-sa.exe, or gta_sa_compact.exe
  • GTA IV - GTAIV.exe
  • re3 - re3.exe
  • reVC - reVC.exe
  • GTA III: DE - libertycity.exe
  • GTA VC: DE - vicecity.exe
  • GTA SA: DE - sanandreas.exe
  • Bully: SE - bully.exe

Names matching is case-insensitive. If the exe file does not contain a version information CLEO Redux always assumes the version is correct (see supported versions).

Once the installation is complete, CLEO Redux is ready to use. You can now install scripts and extra plugins not included in the installer, and change the default configuration if needed.

CLEO Directory

CLEO directory is the primary location where you install CLEO scripts, CLEO plugins and custom texts. CLEO Redux automatically creates this folder during installation and any time the game starts.

In most cases this directory can be found in the game folder. If, however, CLEO lacks write permissions there and fails to create new files, it uses an alternate path at C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\CLEO Redux. cleo_redux.log and the CLEO directory can be found there.

Dependency on ASI Loader

CLEO Redux is distributed as a dynamic-load library with an .asi extension. Historically ASI files have been used in GTA III and Vice City as addons to the Miles Sound System library (Mss32) which loads them into the game process. More recent titles didn't use MSS, so the modding community developed custom loaders commonly named "ASI Loader" to continue using ASI for any custom code to be injected into the game.

Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG can be used to load CLEO Redux in any game. It gets downloaded during CLEO Redux setup. You may opt out of installing Ultimate ASI Loader if you have other means of injecting ASI files into the game (i.e. an alternative loader) or the game already supports ASI, e.g. by using MSS lib.

Note that the Ultimate ASI Loader dll file can be renamed, e.g. to dinput8.dll or d3d9.dll depending on the game. By default CLEO Redux installs it as vorbisFile.dll in 32-bit games and version.dll in 64-bit games. There are some exceptions:

  • it is d3d9.dll in re3 and reVC (x64)
  • it is dinput8.dll in GTA IV

If the default name does not work with the given game, try renaming the dll file into another compatible name. Visit Ultimate ASI loader repo for more information.

Note on re3 or reVC

CLEO Redux supports "Windows D3D9" version of re3 or reVC (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

During installation you must select the correct version of re3 or reVC: either 32-bit or 64-bit.

When running on re3 and reVC make sure the game directory contains the file re3.pdb (for re3) or reVC.pdb (for reVC). Due to the dynamic nature of memory addresses in those implementations CLEO Redux relies on debug information stored in the PDB file to correctly locate itself.


To uninstall CLEO Redux perform the following steps:

  • Delete cleo_redux.asi (or cleo_redux64.asi).
  • Delete the CLEO folder (optional).
  • Delete the cleo_redux.log (optional)