CLEO does not work with re3 or reVC

CLEO Redux supports "Windows D3D9" version of re3 or reVC (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

During installation you must select the correct version of re3 or reVC: either 32-bit or 64-bit.

When running on re3 and reVC make sure the game directory contains the file re3.pdb (for re3) or reVC.pdb (for reVC). Due to the dynamic nature of memory addresses in those implementations CLEO Redux relies on debug information stored in the PDB file to correctly locate itself.

Game crashes with CLEO on San Andreas: The Definitive Edition

  • make sure you installed the 64-bit version of Ultimate ASI Loader (direct link to the latest release).
    • Put version.dll to Gameface\Binaries\Win64
  • make sure you run the latest CLEO Redux version (0.8.2 and above)
  • delete config files from Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • run the game (or Rockstar Games Launcher) as administrator

If CLEO can't create files in Gameface\Binaries\Win64 it uses another path at C:\Users\<your_usename>\AppData\Roaming\CLEO Redux. There should be cleo_redux.log and the CLEO folder where all your scripts go.

Scripts stopped working after CLEO Redux update

In rare cases there might be an error in command definitions in Sanny Builder Library. Delete the definition file from the .config folder and restart the game. CLEO will redownload the latest version of the file. If the problem persists, report the issue using links below.

Game is stuck loading

If the last entry in cleo_redux.log is "Checking for updates..." CLEO can't access GitHub API. It might a temporary issue or your IP address is blocked from GitHub. Open cleo.ini, change CheckUpdates to 0 and restart the game.

Nothing happens when I run the game, not even a log file is there

Check that you have installed Ultimate ASI Loader correctly. Sometimes you might need to give its dll file another name for the game to load it. Refer to this documentation.

My problem is not listed there