CLEO Redux is an embeddable and extensible runtime capable of running user-made scripts in games and desktop applications. It supports JavaScript and TypeScript languages. Inspired by CLEO Library and partially compatible with its scripts and plugins, CLEO Redux, however, aims to provide better experience for developers and users and support games beyond just GTA 3D series.

Follow the first steps tutorial to learn how to write and run your first script. Also check our YouTube playlist for video guides. Or jump straight away to example scripts.

Supported Releases

Grand Theft Auto series:

  • GTA III 1.0
  • GTA Vice City 1.0
  • GTA San Andreas 1.0 (only with CLEO 4.4)
  • GTA IV The Complete Edition (,

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition:

  • Title Update 1.03 and Title Update 1.04 (see details)

Other games and applications:

  • Bully: Scholarship Edition 1.200
  • re3 & reVC (see details)
  • unknown host (see details)

For the complete reference on supported features refer to this page. Also there are known limitations listed here.


CLEO Redux is available under the end-user license agreement